Woke Disney princess is pushing pro-abortion propaganda by attacking Jessa Duggar’s miscarriage

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The radical Left will stop at nothing to push abortions.

And they will lie, cheat, and steal to push their radical abortion-at-any time-for-any-reason philosophy.

This woke Disney princess even attacked Jessa Duggar’s miscarriage to promote pro-abortion lies.

Even as Ron DeSantis cracks down on Disney, their mouthpieces keep up the lies and slander, not caring who they hurt in the process.

“I just immediately started crying”

Abigail Disney, the woke heiress to the Disney fortune and the grandniece of Walt Disney and granddaughter of Roy O. Disney just caused a major uproar.

That’s because the real-life Disney princess just used the miscarriage of former 19 and Counting star Jessa Duggar to push radical abortion propaganda.

And she told blatant lies to do it.

Jessa Duggar recently opened up about her miscarriage and the deep emotional pain she went through after learning that her baby did not survive the womb.

The former TV star and devout Christian said, “Nothing could have prepared me for the weight of those words in that moment. At that moment I was just in complete shock. I didn’t have words. I just immediately started crying.”

She added, “I feel like in some ways miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong. I had minimal spotting for 24 hours, and that was it.”

As with most mothers who suffer a miscarriage, Duggar underwent a dilation and curettage (D&C) to remove the fetus from her womb.

This is routinely done by doctors to avoid complications of passing the dead baby at home.

“FFS at least tell the truth!!”

Despite the trauma and emotional damage to Jessa Duggar, Abigail Disney launched her attack like Cruella DeVille torturing puppies.

Disney claimed the D&C procedure meant that Duggar received an abortion, arguing it could be banned in most pro-life states without citing a single example to support her claim.

“She didn’t have a miscarriage. She had a D&C. Which is also called an abortion and would be illegal in many states under laws she herself supports. FFS at least just tell the truth!! Contemptible cowardice,” tweeted Disney.

The only problem with that is it is Disney who is acting like Pinocchio, not Jessa Duggar.

While a D&C is sometimes noted as a medical abortion, meaning simply the pregnancy ended, it is in no way the type of abortion, i.e. killing a baby, that Disney promotes.

And to claim a D&C would be illegal is a lie even Planned Parenthood doesn’t make yet.

Contemptible cowardice indeed Ms. Disney!

“This is a Lie”

People on social media immediately took after Abigail Disney with most just flatly calling her a liar.

And most noted the fact that Duggar’s baby had died in the womb prior to undergoing the procedure to have it removed.

“This is a lie. She did in fact suffer a miscarriage and it is contemptible of you to use her suffering to push an abortion agenda,” tweeted pop culture commentator Jacob Airey.

Another tweet came from writer Susan Bagwell who said, “No. An abortion happens when you perform the D&C on a viable unborn child. In a miscarriage, the child is already gone – no heartbeat, no chance of survival. At that point, a D&C is simply the process to clear the womb of the remains.”

It is almost a certainty that Abigail Disney knows all of this.

She is part of a radical pro-abortion movement that will use any lie they can muster to try and increase the number of abortions.

No wonder Disney stock keeps falling.

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