Woman describes the shocking and violent reality of her chemical abortion

Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels

Abortion activists market abortion pills like candy.

But they fail to mention the brutal reality of what actually takes place through this bloody act.

And one woman described the shocking and violent reality of her chemical abortion which left everyone speechless.

“I saw my baby”

Live Action’s “I Saw My Baby” campaign is composed of women telling their chemical abortion stories.

Abortion activists hope these stories never see the light of day, but women who have undergone such trauma are finally speaking out.

Leslie told her painful abortion story describing the vomiting and shaking she experienced after she took abortion drugs.

As she bled out her baby, nothing prepared her for what she saw next.

“I got in the shower to wash away the blood, and suddenly I passed a large mass that clogged the drain,” Leslie said.

“Even though it looked like a blood clot, I realized immediately that it must be the baby. Not knowing what else to do, I bent down, scooped it out of the drain with my bare hands, and flushed it down the toilet,” recalled Leslie. 

A terrifying, isolating, and painful experience”

While the abortion lobby tries to market abortion pills as “easy and fun” – nothing could be further from the truth. 

Leslie went on to express how utterly terrifying her chemical abortion experience was, and how alone and isolated she felt.

“The chemical abortion was a violent, unnatural pain,” Leslie winced.

“Abortion clinics are sending women back to their own homes to partake in the death of their own child,” Leslie said.

Like being “stabbed in the stomach”

Another brave woman who took abortion drugs told Live Action her heartbreaking story. 

The post-abortive woman shared “It felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach. I made my way to the bathroom, and that’s when I passed my baby.”

She continued with her painful story “I looked down and saw him; it wasn’t like a heavy period, it was a baby. I couldn’t look anymore; it was a child, not just a bit of blood. I must have flushed the toilet without thinking.”

So tragic and unnatural.

Of course, she felt numb and in shock!

After all, it was her own child being destroyed with the pop of a pill.

Full of regret, the woman somberly concluded “ I didn’t know what to do, so I just fell to my knees and then lay in my bed, bleeding through the mattress. I stayed there for about 3 days on my own, trying my hardest not to think about what had happened.”

Truly heartbreaking.

Because the abortion industry continues to lie to women, many women are not aware of the horrors of chemical abortions.

It’s not just “popping some pills” – but a brutal act that not only kills an innocent baby but physically and emotionally leaves a woman’s body and mind traumatized.

Hopefully the stories of these brave women will convince a pregnant mom to make the right choice and not abort her baby. 

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