Woman just became the first to travel to this state to die

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The radical Left doesn’t just push for the killing of the pre-born.

They also promote the killing of the elderly and sick.

And now this woman just became the first to travel to this state to die.

A woman diagnosed with terminal cancer was among the first out-of-state residents to speed up her death through Vermont’s medical aid in dying law.

Killing across state lines 

The elderly woman claimed she wanted a meaningful death.

She also said she did not want a prolonged illness to do her in sometime in the future.

Connecticut resident Lynda Bluestein, 76, had been seeking to end her life through Vermont’s assisted suicide law.

The law allows patients who have an illness that is likely to kill them within six months to take a lethal medication with a doctor’s help.

Bluestein died after receiving permission to die by assisted suicide in Vermont, even though she didn’t live in the Green Mountain State.

The assisted-suicide advocacy group Compassion & Choices filed a lawsuit in 2022 on Bluestein’s behalf, and were joined in the suit by Dr. Diana Barnard, a Vermont physician.

The suit claimed that Vermont’s residency requirement violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal treatment. 

In March, a settlement was reached that said Bluestein could use Vermont’s assisted suicide law to end her life, even though she was not a state resident. 

And two months after that decision, Vermont amended its law to allow people from out-of-state to travel to Vermont to be killed.

“Lynda was an advocate all the way through, and she wanted access to this law, and she had it, but she and everybody deserves to have access much closer to home because the need to travel and to make arrangements around the scheduling to come to Vermont is not something that we wish for people to have,” Barnard said.

Democrats continue to promote killing

Vermont’s assisted suicide law has been in effect since 2013.

The original bill required patients with a terminal illness to make two in-person visits to a “prescribing physician” at least 15 days apart.

But in 2022 the state legislature amended the law to allow patients who meet certain criteria to request assisted suicide without an in-person doctor visit. 

The bill, S.74, even eliminated the requirement for the physician to perform a physical examination to determine if, in fact, the patient really has a terminal condition.

Not surprisingly under S.74, healthcare providers and pharmacists aiding patients in suicide also have legal immunity. 

According to a study published in November 2022 titled “Does Legalizing Assisted Suicide Make Things Better Or Worse?” nations that have legalized assisted suicide or euthanasia have higher rates of “self-initiated” suicides. 

Wesley J. Smith, chair and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism, told The Christian Post that allowing suicide in some cases sends the message to anyone with thoughts of suicide that killing themselves is “proper.” 

“Assisted suicide advocacy is, literally, suicide advocacy, even if promoters deploy deflecting euphemisms such as, ‘aid in dying,'” Smith said. “A society can’t be pro-some suicides and then be surprised that some suicidal people outside the permitted categories think it includes them.”

Yet despite these facts, and the corresponding increased suicide rates, Democrats continue to promote the killing of the elderly and sick. 

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