You will be outraged when you hear how radical leftists have twisted the law to more aggressively target pro-lifers

There is a dangerous double standard that exists in America today, and pro-lifers might have to pay the price for it. 

The justice system that is meant to protect Americans is being used to bring harsher punishments against voices that don’t chorus along with the radical Left. 

And you will be outraged when you hear how the pro-abortion radicals have twisted the law to more aggressively target pro-lifers.

The pillars of justice, equality, and impartiality seem to crumble in the face of hate crime laws and the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act), exposing a potential persecution for pro-lifers. 

In a shocking display of hypocrisy, Governor Hochul of New York has turned a blind eye to the desecration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a sacred symbol of Catholic faith. 

While transgender activists brazenly mocked Catholic beliefs in a blasphemous display, Hochul remained silent, revealing a troubling bias that undermines equal justice under the law. 

Yet, when a similar incident occurred at an Islamic center, Hochul swiftly condemned the act and pledged support, exposing the stark contrast in her approach to religious intolerance.

But the injustice doesn’t end there. 

Despite pleas for investigation into the hate crime at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York’s Attorney General and District Attorney have remained conspicuously silent, failing to uphold their duty to protect religious institutions. 

This selective enforcement of the law perpetuates a dangerous precedent that threatens the freedom of worship for all Americans.

The erosion of equal justice under the law is further exacerbated by the one-sided application of the FACE Act under the Biden administration. 

While Catholic churches and pro-life pregnancy centers endure relentless attacks, including arson, vandalism, and threats, perpetrators roam free as the law remains largely unenforced. 

Shockingly, pro-life advocates find themselves targeted and prosecuted under the FACE Act for exercising their constitutional rights, while those responsible for violent attacks evade justice.

In a chilling example of legal overreach, pro-life advocates face draconian penalties of up to 11 years in prison and hefty fines for peacefully praying and singing at abortion clinics. 

Meanwhile, the perpetrators of hundreds of attacks on churches and pro-life centers evade accountability, exposing a blatant disregard for true justice and equality under the law.

It is evident that these laws are not intended to protect the rights of all Americans but rather serve as weapons in the radical Left’s crusade against traditional values and beliefs. 

The time has come for action to repeal these unjust laws before they irreparably damage the fabric of our society.

As patriotic Americans, we must stand united in defense of our fundamental rights and liberties. 

Equal justice under the law is not a privilege reserved for the select few but a sacred principle that must be upheld for all. 

Join the fight to reclaim our freedoms and demand accountability from those who seek to silence dissenting voices. 

The future of our nation depends on it.

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