You’ll be cheering for this young mom when you hear who accompanied her on the stage on graduation day

Photo by MD Duran from Unsplash

The abortion lobby continues to terrify young girls with the lie that if they get pregnant – their life is over.

But one young mom shut down every lie of the abortion industry when she became pregnant and earned her college degree anyway.

And you’ll be cheering for this young mom when you hear who accompanied her across the stage on graduation day.

Proudly walking across the stage

Grace Szymchack was married and enrolled in college working on earning a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.

She was pregnant, and planned to have a C-section after graduation . . . 

. . . but her unborn baby Annabelle had other plans and decided to come early.

As a mother of a young baby, Grace didn’t want to leave her 10-day-old baby at home without her – but she also wanted to celebrate the achievement of earning her degree.

So in an unprecedented move, she took her 10-day-old baby with her under her gown as she walked across the stage.

Grace said “I’d worked hard for this degree, and I was determined to walk with the rest of my class … so I just brought her to graduation with me,” Ferris State University reported. 

Hope for other moms

As it turns out, not only is Grace married with a newborn baby – but she is actually mother to another 18-month-old girl!

But Grace always wanted to be a teacher, and she was still able to graduate while having a young family – and now she hopes her story will encourage other pregnant moms that they can do it.

Grace said “I kind of hope it inspires another mom to go back to school and show that she can do it too,” reported WZZM13.

And with online and satellite classes available – there are more diverse options today than in the past to give students a chance to earn their degree.

Shutting down the biggest lie of all

The abortion lobby hates to learn about stories of women like Grace – because it shatters their entire false narrative.

Pro-aborts continue to lie to women and tell them they can’t “have it all” and they need to choose between having a successful career or being a mother.

Tragically, so many college women who become pregnant choose abortion because they think that is the only way they can continue on with school.

But Grace proves that although not always easy – it can be done.

There is always a reason to choose life – and now Grace gets to celebrate her incredible accomplishment of earning a degree to be a teacher – and being a young mother. 

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