You’ll be cheering when you hear what this midwest school is teaching its middle schoolers

Photo by the National Cancer Institute from Unsplash

It’s never too early to learn to respect life. 

And one school in the midwest has taken this to heart. 

You’re sure to be cheering when you learn what they’re teaching their middle schoolers.

In the heart of south St. Louis, members of the Salt and Light Pro-Life Club at St. Gabriel School are weaving a tapestry of compassion and understanding, stitching together brightly colored fleece blankets and, metaphorically, the fabric of pro-life values. 

This after-school club, comprising sixth- through eighth-grade students, goes beyond rhetoric, aiming to instill a profound appreciation for the dignity of human life from conception to its natural end.

The club, in collaboration with Marygrove, a Catholic Charities agency in St. Louis, recently donated no-sew blankets to support young people facing emotional and behavioral challenges due to abuse, neglect, and trauma. 

This act of service is just one facet of the club’s broader mission to educate and inspire its members about the sanctity of life.

Lisa Slama, seventh- and eighth-grade religion teacher and club moderator, emphasizes the club’s focus on different life-related topics each month. 

With a format that includes speakers, discussions, and service projects, the students engage with the pro-life message on a practical level. 

Slama articulates the club’s broader goal, saying, “We need to love one another, and we can’t do that if we don’t see the dignity of every human being, from beginning to end.”

Nicole Hollmann, Ozarks Regional Coordinator with Students for Life of America, played a pivotal role in the club’s initiation. 

Through an Apologetics 101 training session, students learned about the value of human life using the SLED analogy, reinforcing the belief that a person’s worth is not determined by size, development, environment, or dependency. 

Hollmann stresses the importance of starting these conversations early, citing the pervasive influence of social media and the need to lay a solid foundation for understanding life’s intrinsic value.

Elise Niemira, the club’s president and an eighth-grader, embodies the passion and commitment of the young pro-life advocates. 

Her involvement extends beyond the school walls, participating in events like the annual Life Chain and the Coalition Life’s March on the Arch. 

Niemira’s understanding of pro-life extends beyond abortion, recognizing it as a broader commitment to assisting and respecting all forms of life.

The club’s scope goes beyond theoretical discussions. 

Collaborating with parish pro-life coordinator Amy Weston and youth minister Sarah Henderson, the students have engaged in practical initiatives, including discussions on foster care and crafting pro-life messages for the media. 

The club also collaborates with the parish pro-life committee, creating cards for mothers served by Birthright and Our Lady’s Inn, and crafting items for senior living residents.

Kolbe Heithaus, a seventh-grader in the club since its inception, appreciates the exposure to various organizations supporting human life with diverse needs. 

He notes that the club has broadened his understanding, dispelling initial notions that pro-life was solely about abortion. 

The club provides a holistic education, encompassing different stages of life and shedding light on efforts to end abortion.

Sixth-grader Maria Snodgrass articulates a fundamental message of the club — the sacredness of every life. 

For Snodgrass, spreading awareness and stopping abortion requires caring for others daily and upholding the dignity of life in all circumstances.

As these young minds blossom into advocates for the sanctity of life, the Salt and Light Pro-Life Club at St. Gabriel School stands as a testament to the power of education, compassion, and action in shaping a pro-life generation. 

The impact of their initiatives, from blankets to bold convictions, echoes beyond the school corridors, resonating with pro-life Americans who champion the cause of life.

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