You’ll be furious when you hear about the states trying to do away with protections for the preborn

Anti-life radicals across the country are trying to make abortion-on-demand through all nine months the law of the land.

Sadly, this isn’t just happening in blue states.

You’ll be furious when you hear about the states trying to do away with protections for the preborn.

The Kate Cox case made headlines all over the world and is now causing unforeseen consequences which are a step back for the pro-life cause. 

In a frustrating twist, certain states with pro-life protections now want to allow exceptions for children diagnosed with disabilities. . .but pro-lifers are speaking out. 

Mothers of children with the disabilities that would allow them to be aborted are sharing their stories, fighting against the laws that would allow these children to be killed. 

The sad ordeal of Kate Cox, a Texas mother, laid bare the stark reality facing unborn babies diagnosed with disabilities. 

Because of the country’s emotional response, lawmakers are now grappling over controversial exceptions that threaten to strip away protections for the most vulnerable among us.

Kate Cox’s plight made headlines when she found herself trapped in a desperate situation, denied the right to kill her child by Texas law after discovering her unborn baby had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a genetic condition with devastating implications. 

Cox sadly sought an out-of-state abortion. 

But Cox’s story is just one chapter in a larger narrative unfolding across the country. 

In Nebraska, lawmakers are locked in debate over a proposed bill that would introduce exceptions for abortions in cases of fatal fetal anomalies. 

Spearheaded by Senator Merv Riepe, the bill aims to provide relief to mothers facing agonizing decisions about their unborn children’s futures.

Riepe, speaking to Fox News Digital, emphasized the legislation’s compassionate intent, stating, “The loss of a much-wanted pregnancy is heart-wrenching but may be necessary to preserve the health and life of the want-to-be-mother.”

But the reality is stark – these children won’t even be given a chance. 

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, efforts are underway to enact similar exceptions. 

Pro-lifers warn that such measures could open the floodgates to discrimination against babies with disabilities, paving the way for late-term abortions and eroding protections for the unborn.

Amid the heated debate, voices of advocacy and resilience emerge, challenging the narrative of despair and defeat. 

Beverly Jacobson, mother of a child with Trisomy 18 and founder of Verity’s Village, offers a powerful testament to the value of every life, regardless of disability.

Jacobson’s journey, marked by uncertainty and fear, ultimately blossomed into a beacon of hope for families facing similar challenges. 

Through Verity’s Village, she seeks to empower mothers with options beyond abortion, offering support and solidarity in their darkest hours.

Yet, Jacobson’s story also underscores the pervasive discrimination faced by families of children with disabilities, with medical professionals often presenting abortion as the only solution. 

The term “incompatible with life” serves as a stark reminder of the uphill battle against misconceptions and prejudice.

Dr. Tara Sander Lee of the Charlotte Lozier Institute echoes Jacobson’s sentiments, highlighting the resilience and potential of babies with disabilities. 

She challenges the notion that abortion is a cure, emphasizing the need for compassionate care and support for every child, regardless of ability.

As the debate rages on, pro-life advocates rally behind the cause, urging lawmakers to reject abortion exceptions that compromise the sanctity of life. 

Nebraska Family Alliance Policy Director Nate Grasz implores senators to stand firm in defense of the unborn, denouncing discrimination against those with disabilities.

As Jacobson aptly states, “Verity has given us so much,” reminding us that every life has inherent value and deserves to be cherished and protected.

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