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One young woman is speaking out about the vicious name-calling, destruction of property, threats of violence, and even physical assaults she has experienced at the hands of the pro-abortion mob.

These extremists have even tracked her exact location on an app, causing her to be under constant threat just because she supports life!

But this pro-lifer is no stranger to fighting back and says she won’t back down any time soon.

With over 20,000 menacing messages flooding her inbox, this young lady has found herself in the crosshairs of the abortion lobby’s relentless assault after a viral pro-abortion comedian’s video stirred the storm.

In the face of brutal threats and hateful comments, Lydia remains unyielding.

The abortion lobby, which paradoxically claims to champion women’s rights, reveals its twisted moral compass through its violent attacks.

From vile messages advocating for her demise to public humiliation in restrooms, Lydia’s belief in the sanctity of life has made her a target for relentless stalking, spitting, and harassment.

The twisted logic of those who support abortion is evident in their attempts to silence this brave soul.

The pro-abortion lobby’s hypocrisy knows no bounds as they endorse violence against those who stand for the sanctity of life.

Yet, despite the online onslaught, Lydia stands strong, driven by a profound conviction that transcends mere words on a screen.

Why does she continue the fight despite the endless barrage of hate?

The answer is as simple as it is profound: because the greatest victims of abortion are the preborn children whose lives are extinguished daily.

In the face of such heart-wrenching injustice, Lydia refuses to be silenced, especially when the barbarity of abortion is celebrated.

The pro-abortion lobby, blinded by its own prejudice, resorts to disturbing tactics.

Supporters have gone as far as threatening to name a child after this pro-life warrior, only to ruthlessly abort it.

Such callousness only strengthens Lydia’s resolve to extend a hand of love and support to women in crisis.

As a spokesperson and intern for Students for Life of America (SFLA), she tirelessly works to make North Carolina, her home state, a pro-life stronghold.

This summer, Lydia’s dedication bore fruit when she organized and led multiple protests and rallies, resulting in the passage of a 12-week abortion prevention act.

This legislation not only saves precious preborn lives but also allocates funds to pregnancy resource centers.

This isn’t Lydia’s first fight; during her freshman year of college, she spearheaded efforts to pass a groundbreaking resolution, providing accessible pregnancy resources to students.

Despite facing death threats slipped under her dorm door, Lydia managed to change the minds of more than 120 students on the abortion issue.

Her unwavering determination transformed her college campus, setting a precedent that resonates with young people across the nation who also face this fight.

This is the essence of the Pro-Life Generation: resilient, unyielding, and unwilling to succumb to the abortion lobby’s extreme attempts to silence them.

Even amidst the storm of hostility, Lydia can find solace in the impact of her mission.

The violence hurled her way has inadvertently exposed the ugly truth behind the pro-abortion movement, convincing many to reconsider their stance.

As the hostility continues, Lydia is undeterred; she says she can wake up every day to confront threats and hatred, knowing that her fight is a battle for the very essence of humanity.

Lydia herself said, “Regardless of how long this hostility goes on (and I’m not holding my breath), our mission as the pro-life movement to promote a life-affirming culture is clear. That’s why I’m okay waking up every day to be met with threats and hatred…because every night I go to sleep knowing I am fighting on the right side of history.”

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