Young woman took an abortion pill, but suddenly changed her mind – and what she did next will shock you

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Many vulnerable pregnant moms feel scared and pressured to abort their babies.

Some pull the trigger and actually pop abortion drugs – and then instantly regret their decision.

And when one woman took an abortion pill, she suddenly changed her mind – and what she did next will shock you. 

Planned Parenthood supplied the pill

JoAnna knew after taking her first abortion pill, she regretted her decision.

While Planned Parenthood was happy to give her the drug, she let the fear of others impact her decision, and a trip to Planned Parenthood sealed the deal.

After taking the abortion pill, JoAnna and the baby’s father Tommy immediately felt a strong sense of guilt and sorrow.

Tommy said “We both knew we had made the wrong choice. It wasn’t something we should have done. My soul was ripped from me,” Pregnancy Help News reported. 

The couple was depressed and couldn’t get over what they had done.

Determined to save their baby

Tommy simply couldn’t accept the fate that the baby was gone, so he immediately began researching options online to do something to fix it.

He discovered the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and knew he needed to act quickly.

But JoAnna was still not on board, thinking she had harmed her baby with the first pill.

After speaking with a nurse from APRN, Joanna agreed to find a doctor and start progesterone to help save the baby.

While Planned Parenthood had lied and told her the abortion couldn’t be reversed, JoAnna finally learned the truth.

A beautiful healthy baby 

A few days later, JoAnna went in for ultrasound and learned the baby was doing just fine.

JoAnna ended up giving birth to a healthy baby girl named Francesca, and she and Tommy both are overwhelmed with joy at her life.

And to think – an abortion drug from Planned Parenthood could have ended her life without swift intervention.

JoAnna spoke about her daughter and said “She’s beautiful, and she’s a blessing,” Pregnancy Help News reported.

What an incredible testimony!

Pregnancy Help News reports more than 4,500 babies have been saved through the Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Rescue® Network and the centers and doctors who work with them.


Yet so many pregnant moms think abortion is their only option – and they never learn the truth that even if they did take an abortion drug, it could often be undone.

Planned Parenthood hopes to bury the truth – but they can no longer hide it. 

And as stories like JoAnna’s continue to go viral – more women are learning that there are resources available for them and people who want to help them choose life.

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