Your jaw will hit the floor when you hear just how lax America’s so-called pro-life laws are compared to the rest of the world

A groundbreaking study has sent shockwaves through the nation.

The study is revealing the startling truth about America’s abortion laws. . .

And your jaw will hit the floor when you hear just how lax America’s so-called “pro-life laws” are compared to the rest of the world.

Released on April 30 by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a recent study exposed the United States as a global outlier, with no federal limits on abortion, putting it on par with notorious human rights abusers like communist China and Vietnam. 

Mia Steupert, a research associate at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, minced no words, emphasizing that the U.S. “should be an international leader when it comes to the human right to life.”

But instead, the U.S. finds itself in an ignominious league of nations that permit abortion-on-demand without any gestational limits.

What’s even more alarming is what the Biden administration is doing. 

Under the guise of reproductive rights, they have been fervently pushing for federal laws that enshrine unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. 

As pro-life state laws face criticism and condemnation from the highest levels of government, the true global extremism of America’s abortion laws remains conveniently swept under the rug.

The study’s findings paint a grim picture of America’s abortion landscape. 

It reveals that the U.S. stands alongside a mere handful of nations with no federal limitations on abortion, allowing termination for any reason up to the ninth month of pregnancy. 

With over 95% of U.N. member nations imposing restrictions on abortion, the U.S. finds itself glaringly out of step with the global consensus on protecting unborn life.

According to the study, the norm among countries that permit elective abortion is to limit it to before 20 weeks’ gestation, with the first trimester being the most common cutoff point. 

Yet, in stark contrast, the U.S. allows abortion past 15 weeks of pregnancy, a stage at which a baby can feel pain, placing it firmly in the minority among nations.

Disturbingly, only 70 U.N. countries permit abortion-on-demand, and of these, the U.S. is joined by a select few in having no national limitations on abortion. 

The majority of nations that allow abortion-on-demand impose strict gestational limits, with over three-quarters limiting it to the first 15 weeks of gestation.

In light of these revelations, Steupert emphasized the urgent need for Americans to prioritize fostering a “culture of life.” 

This can be done by supporting pregnancy resource centers, alternatives to abortion programs, and providing aid to mothers in need. 

She urged Americans to wake up to the reality of the nation’s extreme abortion laws and to push back against the radical pro-abortion lobby that seeks to perpetuate them.

As the battle for the sanctity of life rages on, fueled by the revelations of this groundbreaking study, pro-life Americans are galvanized to stand firm in defense of the most vulnerable among us and to fight for a future where every life is cherished and protected.

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