Your skin will crawl when you read the shocking things abortionists say when they get together

Photo by EVG Kowalievska from Pexels

There was a time when the abortion industry tried to keep their real goals quiet.

But in the last few years they’ve started saying the quiet part out loud.

And your skin will crawl when you read the shocking things abortionists say when they get together.

Some of the most revealing and revolting comments ever made about abortion have not come from pro-life activists but instead from “abortion providers” themselves.

Feeling secure among colleagues

On the one hand that makes sense, after all who knows more about the day-to-day killing of babies than the “abortion doctor?” 

On the other hand, since we are constantly being told Americans are stigmatizing the mass murder of children, why would the “doctors” butchering all these children feel free to open up about it?

Well, they would if they thought they were among friends and allies in the butchering business.

Much like mass murderers sitting in jail cells who talk to their fellow prisoners, abortionists feel secure enough around their own to talk openly about their murderous activities.

And a recent panel at the annual meeting of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) was no different. 

Molly Walker, a staff writer for MedPage Today wrote,

“The panel included several abortion providers, who offered their views on the “incendiary” coverage of abortion, and that the abortion providers themselves can get lost in the rhetoric and the politics — even when it’s their practice that is affected the most.”

It turns out abortionists are getting annoyed.

And there seems to be three main reasons for their annoyance.

First, a deluge of pro-life legislation has been introduced which they say can make “day-to-day” patient care especially difficult for doctors on the front lines.

Of course they focus on only the worst case scenarios are offered in a misleading way rather than discussing even basic protections for babies such as providing informed consent, banning abortion in which the abortionists rips a living unborn baby to pieces, or saying it’s not okay to abort a child because she is a girl and not a boy.

But then again they have to try and sleep at night.

Hey, we are real doctors too

Another thing that gets abortionists upset is they feel they don’t get enough coverage in the battle over abortion.

Media coverage of the abortion issue focuses mainly on the issue as a “movement.” 

A battle between pro-abortionists versus pro-life groups, in which abortionists themselves are covered as institutions, not human beings. 

They protest that rarely do articles on the abortion issue include references to the doctors actually performing the procedures.

They want to be humanized and known as “physicians specializing in maternal-fetal medicine,” not just abortionists in a multi-billion-dollar industry that kills nearly 900,000 babies a year.

In other words, abortionists don’t want to be known as abortionists, but as “real doctors.”

And it turns out their third problem is the “false dichotomy” between being pro-choice and pro-child.

They complain this has “provoked tension for the provider, and created a burden they had to constantly defend against.”

Well, that is the crux of it.  If you are an abortionist who is killing hundreds, or thousands, of children each and every year, there simply is no way for you to call yourself pro-child.

That would be like calling Joseph Mengele pro-Jewish.

Maybe this crisis of faith will cause some to reconsider their barbaric, murderous actions.

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