Your taxpayer dollars may fund child abuse and “gender reassignment” surgeries for kids

Democrats think your money is their money.

But their latest taxpayer money grab is worse than ever.

And now Americans’ taxpayer dollars may fund child abuse and “gender reassignment” surgeries for kids.

Abusing children with your money

To operate on the body of a minor child in order to “change their gender” is horrifying.

And disgusting.

Any “doctor” who touches the body of a child should go to prison – for life.

Mutilating the innocent body of a child will not only destroy their body . . .

. . . but will lead to life-long psychological and emotional trauma.

Imagine a 12-year-old girl who struggles with “gender dysphoria” getting her body mutilated as a child . . .

. . . and then growing up and healing from her mental illness only to learn her body is destroyed – and she can no longer have children.

But many Democrats back “transgender” policies and insist children should be allowed to “change their gender” if they want to.

And even more infuriating – they think American taxpayers should pay for it.

Don’t mess with Texas

Hellholes like California may love mutilating children.

But not in Texas.

So, when Republican lawmakers heard Texas Children’s Hospital was doing “gender reassignment” practices on kids – and using Medicaid to do it – they demanded an investigation.

In a letter to the Texas Health & Human Services Commission, State Representative Brian Harrison joined State Senator Mayes Middleton alerting them of the potential fraud – and demanding swift corrective actions.

The letter highlighted how Medicaid reimbursements are not allowed for “sex change operations” and reiterated how Texas law bans doctors from providing these surgeries for kids.

“Additionally these procedures on minors are now illegal in Texas. As a result, submitting a claim. for payment for these procedures or drugs violates both the Texas False. Claims Act (see Tex. Human Res. Code § 36.001 et seq.) and the Federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq,” the letter stated.

Of course, LGBT activists don’t care what the law says.

They do what they want.

And hope to get away with it.

But a brave whistleblower exposed what was actually happening – so now these crooked doctors have nowhere to hide.

“There is perhaps no more important responsibility we all share than to be good stewards with tax dollars, and we are deeply concerned that flagrant misuse of Medicaid/CHIP funds may be occurring,” the letter continued.

American taxpayers should not have to pay for doctors to experiment on children!

It’s insanity.

Not to mention, abusive.

Children deserve to be protected by doctors – not used as pawns to push a radical agenda. 

“We refuse to sit idly by while children are being harmed in our state and our constituents are being forced to fund it,” the lawmakers continued.

Let’s hope if the allegations prove true, these crooked doctors are locked up so they can no longer hurt another child.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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